Workhouse Theatre Company:  This was a tiny triangular stage in an old 2-car auto garage.  The challenges were many, but lots of fun.  Starting out with very little lighting instruments and power, over the years we were able to expand both.  The creative teams worked well together to make the best of this space and provide professional theatre to an under-served area of Minneapolis (a vision brought forth by Northside resident, Jeff Redman)
Proof - Season 5 (SpFX: gobos for evening light break-up, back-lit slow rotating window gobos to represent movement in the house)
Syliva - Season 5 (SpFX: evening gobo light break-up)
Sylvia - Season 5 (Unfinished set.  Lit wall sconses were added later)
Torch Song Trilogy - Season 5
Torch Song Trilogy - Season 5 (minimalist set with box pieces)
Torch Song Trilogy - Season 5
Proof - Season 5
Torch Song Trilogy - Season 5 (isolated dressingn room scene)
Mark T. Webb
Home Lighting Designs